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PriceDTO StatusSummary

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In PriceDTO, there is a StatusSummary property.



It has five status:

0 = Normal 1 = Indicative 2 = PhoneOnly 3 = Suspended 4 = Closed


I am guessing that

in status "Normal", User is allow to open trade or order.

in status "PhoneOnly", User is not allow to open trade or order.

in status "Closed", User is allow to open order and not allow to open trade.


Please correct me if I am wrong.


I am not sure what happen when it is "Indicative" or "Suspended".


And in API Doc (http://docs.labs.cityindex.com/#Misc.htm%3FTocPath%3DGetting%2520Started|_____12), it mentions that we need to convert the decimal to a bitwise hexadecimal number. Do we still need to do that?



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Hi Vincent,


Closed = market is closed, for example: equity markets when the exchanges are closed. The trading hours for each market can be found in its market information sheet. Entry orders are accepted but you cannot trade.


Indicative = the price has not changed over a period of 5 minutes.  All attempted trades go to the approval console for dealer approval. 


PhoneOnly = trades are only accepted by calling our dealing desk. No internet trades, whether through the API or from our front end platforms.  


Suspended = the price feed for that market has suffered a fault. This means there is no current price for that market and hence it cannot be traded. 


Normal = market is open and trades/orders accepted as usual. 


I'll get back to you on the second part of your query.

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Hi Vincent,


On the second part of your query, you do *not* need to convert to hexadecimal and then compare that value to the table any more. This has been superseded by the StatusSummary property, which was added after that conversion information was published.


The StatusSummary property was added into the PriceDTO specifically to alleviate the effort in doing this conversion and lookup. The possible values in StatusSummary are:

Normal = 0

Indicative = 1

PhoneOnly = 2

Suspended = 3

Closed = 4


I've made a note to delete the section discussing the conversion and lookup from the API documentation in the next update. Thank you for bringing it to our notice!

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