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InstructionStatusReason Code 10 for ApiTradeOrderResponseDTO

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The "API Error Code Lookup Values" in the docs section has "Instruction Status Reason Code" 10 described as "Additional narrative must be less than or equal to 2500 characters."


As I'm looking for a way to put an external reference on a trade, I was hoping I could tie the above message back to a "narrative" or "comments" field on the NewTradeOrderRequestDTO or ApiOrderDTO objects but without any luck.


Is this something that might be available going forward or is there an alternative means to achieve this?


Am on version of the CIAPI.


Many thanks,


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I've done a bit of digging and it looks like a 'Reference' field has been added to the NewTradeOrderRequestDTO, so the server will support a request with this property set, it's the client CIAPI.CS library that hasn't been updated to reflect this.


If you have the time (and inclination), you could download the source from github, add the field onto the request DTO, rebuild and try for yourself.


In the meantime, I will speak to the necessary people behind the scenes to get the field added to the client library and published to nuget.

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