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The CityIndex API looks very exciting, but is it available for use?

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Hi there,

First of all I’d love to commend your effort in openly releasing so much information about an exciting product that doesn’t appear to be public yet – what a fantastic way to bootstrap high quality support information!

I was very excited to find your Github and *.labs.cityindex.com site, since otherwise it seems almost unanimous among CFD brokers to disallow programmatic access to non-institutional customers.

From what I can gather, the API is not available in any form for use in production. I was wondering if this is actually the case, and if so, given when a regular consumer (small account) type user might have access, if at all?

Thanks in advance

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Guest mrdavidlaing

The API is not currently generally available. However, if you would like to participate in the beta program for people wishing to trade on their own accounts using their own applications, send an email to david.laing@cityindex.com

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