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How to update stop order trigger price

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Guest andreif

Something like this:

var order = client.TradesAndOrders.GetActiveStopLimitOrder(orderId.ToString()).ActiveStopLimitOrder;

        var request = new UpdateStopLimitOrderRequestDTO
            OrderId = orderId,
            TradingAccountId = (int)order.TradingAccountId,
            Direction = order.Direction,
            MarketId = order.MarketId,
            Quantity = order.Quantity,
            OfferPrice = order.TriggerPrice * 0.9M,
            TriggerPrice = newTriggerPrice, // <<<<
            BidPrice = order.TriggerPrice * 1.1M,

        var resp = client.TradesAndOrders.UpdateOrder(request);

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Just an additional question on this point; the "var resp" object looks to be an ApiTradeOrderResponseDTO object.


For an UpdateOrder call, will the status field be populated in the main body of the object i.e. resp.Status, or is it in one of the resp.Orders ApiOrderResponseDTO objects?



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Guest andreif

It's populated both in the main response object and in the appropriate ApiOrderResponseDTO object. 

I'd suggest to use the main response object's (ApiTradeOrderResponseDTO) Status and StatusResolved fields, as the Orders array can be left empty when the Update() call has failed.

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