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Guest sky.sanders

How do I upgrade to CIAPI.CS 5.0.0 Beta?

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Guest sky.sanders

There has been new functionality added to the API and many issues have been addressed in the client library, CIAPI. How do I upgrade to the latest 5.0 beta and what breaking changes do I need to look out for?

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The first step is to upgrade the package using the ‘-pre’ flag..

update-Package CIAPI -pre -Source http://nuget.gw.symbolsource.org/Public/NuGet/FeedService.mvc

you can then remove references and imports (‘using’) to Salient.JsonClient, CIAPI.Streaming and Newtonsoft.Json from your projects.

Breaking Changes:

  • ApiException no longer exists. It has been replaced with Salient.ReliableHttpClient.ReliableHttpException.
  • Most streams require a valid username and session so the StreamingClientFactory has been absorbed by Rpc.Client. This means that the streaming URI is now a constructor parameter on Rpc.Client. You now call clientInstance.CreateStreamingClient() upon an instance of Rpc.Client.
  • When using async methods you will find that ApiAsyncResult is now ReliableAsyncResult (no generic type).

Please feel free to ask any questions in a new question tagged with CIAPI.CS.B5

UPDATE: ApiAsyncCallback is now ReliableAsyncCallback (no generic type)

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