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rob sinclair

Creating a new stop/limit order using TradesAndOrders.Order() and NewStopLimitOrderRequestDTO

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I am having difficulty creating a stop/limit order. I need to know what the purpose is of the Bid, Offer and Trigger price properties and how these should be set.

For example, If I want to place a ‘limit’ order to buy if the price drops to a specific level, then how should these be set?

Also, there is no ‘type’ property to specify whether this should be a stop or limit order, so is this deduced from the price?

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Bid/Offer refer to the current price for that particular market. TriggerPrice is the intended price at which you would like the order to trigger at. Stops and Limits are set in the IfDone property in the request.

We infer the type from the bid/offer and trigger price, yes.

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