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Guest mrdavidlaing

Is password / change password case sensitive?

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Guest mrdavidlaing

Is the password case sensitive?

The documentation says it is: LogOn with ApiLogOnRequestDTO and ChangePassword andApiChangePasswordRequestDTO

But the following test run again https://ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk/tradingapi suggests that it isn’t

var userName = "{enter-your-test-user}",
      password = "password",
      new_password = "PASSWORD";

doPost('/session',{ "UserName": userName, "Password": password}, function (data, textCode) {
    setRequestHeader("UserName", userName);
    setRequestHeader("Session", data.Session);

    doPost('/session/session/changePassword', { "UserName":userName, "Password": password, "NewPassword": new_password }, function     (data, textCode) {
       //This should fail because the password has changed
       doPost('/session',{ "UserName": userName, "Password": password});


In specific, the second post to /session should fail, but it doesn’t. If you change the new_password to something like “boink1234” then the second post to /session fails as expected.

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