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Multi-product support in trading application

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In order to support multiple products (CFD, Spread) in trading application it is necessary to use correct TradingAccountID in many requests (New Trade, Create Order and other CIAPI methods). It is clear.

Question 1
In order to get to know products allowed for user it is necessary to call GetClientAndTradingAccount CIAPI method and look which products are included into TradingAccounts array of AccountInformationResponseDTO and have TradingAccountStatus=“Open”. Could you please confirm it?

Question 2
In order to trade with markets from watchlist it is necessary to get to know Product Type of chosen market. It seems that GetMarketInformation CIAPI method should return this information (as a field of GetMarketInformationResponseDTO). Unfortunately it doesn’t – there is no such a field in this DTO. And this issue blocks trading from watchlist. Could you please let us know when GetMarketInformation CIAPI method will be improved?

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A1. Confirmed, you can find out using the method you described.

A2. The product type (Spread, CFD) is scheduled to be added into the Market Information as a high priority task, so it is expected to be done soon.

(Edited to add to A2) A temporary workaround has been posted in the most recent answer to the similar query: How to detect type of the market

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