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pablo rodriguez

"You are not authorized to view this market" error msg searching for strings like "USD","GBP"

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We have a problem trying to get markets using ‘BeginListMarketInformationSearch’ method from CIAPI. This call has been working before, but now we get this response on any market string search:

{“ErrorCode”:90001,“ErrorMessage”:“You are not authorized to view this market.”,“HttpStatus”:401}

We are using this account: XX132724 We are searching for this strings (separately): “USD”,


The request is as follows:

ItemState : Pending
Url : https://ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk/TradingApi/market/informationsearc h?SearchByMarketCode=False&SearchByMarketName=True&SpreadProductType=True&Cf dProductType=True&BinaryProductType=True&Query=USD&MaxResults=10
Method : GET
Target : market
UriTemplate : /informationsearch?SearchByMarketCode={searchByMarketCode}&SearchByMarketNam e={searchByMarketName}&SpreadProductType={spreadProductType}&CfdProductType= {cfdProductType}&BinaryProdInfo 2011-10-11

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I couldn’t reproduce your error using the Test Harness page:

var userName = "XX132724";
doPost('/session',{ "UserName": userName, "Password": "password"}, function (data, textCode) {
setRequestHeader("UserName", userName);
setRequestHeader("Session", data.Session);
//Market search

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