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Possible values for quote status and quote status reason

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In the near future, you can lookup these values using the messaging service, as described in the CIAPI User Guide. In the meantime, I have pasted the table values below for your reference.


QuoteStatusId QuoteStatusDesc
1 Pending
2 Accepted
3 Rejected
4 Closed
5 Error
6 Red Card


QuoteStatusreasonId QuoteStatusReasonDesc
1 OK.
2 Quote must be set to one of the following status: Pending.
3 Quote must be set to one of the following status: Accepted.
4 Quote breath time must be greater than or equal to 5 seconds.
5 Supplied and current quote bid prices must match.
6 Supplied and current quote offer prices must match.
7 Oversize.
8 Price Indicative.
9 Speed Bumps.
10 Unable to quote a price for this order. Please phone a dealer.
11 Quote has been pulled by the dealer.
12 Quote has been expired by the QES.
13 Price state changed from unavailable to available
14 Attempted to fill order against indicative price.
15 Dealer has manually forced trigger.
16 Price that order is to be filled at exceeds the maximum spread allowed for the market.
17 Insufficient Funds
18 Market Expired
19 Test Order
20 Already Closed
21 Order changed to screen
22 No opening shorts allowed on this market
23 Invalid Price
24 Stake is below the minimum trade size
25 Insufficient funds - stop loss or deposit may be required
26 Market cap too small. Closing only

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