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Guest mrdavidlaing

ListOpenPositions - Meanings of "Status" magic numbers

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Guest mrdavidlaing

I have a test account (PPE:DM317436/password) which has two open positions as below


The Status of my positions are being shown as “Open”.

However, a corresponding call to /order/openpositions?TradingAccountId=400215888 returns {… “Status”:3 …}

E.g: at https://ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk/tradingapi

var userName = "DM317436";
doPost('/session',{ "UserName": userName, "Password": "password"}, function (data, textCode) {
    setRequestHeader("UserName", userName);
    setRequestHeader("Session", data.Session);



{"OpenPositions":[{"Currency":"USD","Direction":"buy","LastChangedDateTimeUTC":"\/Date(1310470526303)\/","LimitOrder":null,"MarketId":99498,"MarketName":"Wall Street CFD","OrderId":456738549,"Price":12458.000000000,"Quantity":10.0000,"Status":3,"StopOrder":null,"TradingAccountId":400215888},{"Currency":"GBP","Direction":"sell","LastChangedDateTimeUTC":"\/Date(1310470545393)\/","LimitOrder":null,"MarketId":99500,"MarketName":"UK 100 CFD","OrderId":456738550,"Price":5834.300000000,"Quantity":1.0000,"Status":3,"StopOrder":null,"TradingAccountId":400215888}]}

Further, the DTO docs (https://ciapipreprod.cityindextest9.co.uk/ciapi.docs/#service.ListOpenPositions) don’t give any details, saying only that this is the order status.

So, what are the possible values for this property, and what do they mean?

Where should I look for them to be documented?

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The InstructionStatus and OrderStatus codes describe the status of orders as they are processed by the CityIndex trading system. These codes are set in stone and won’t change anytime soon.

I’ll provide them here but in the near future we’ll have the message lookup return the textual descriptions as well as providing some documentation of the order lifecycle.


  • 1, Accepted

  • 2, Red Card

  • 3, Yellow Card

  • 4, Error

  • 5, Pending

Order Status

  • 1, Pending

  • 2, Accepted

  • 3, Open

  • 4, Cancelled

  • 5, Rejected

  • 6, Suspended

  • 8, Yellow card

  • 9, Closed

  • 10, Red Card

  • 11, Triggered

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