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Could you recommend some documentation about SMD and JSON Schema topics?

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Guest sky.sanders

Regarding Json Schema the answer is as Steffen links: JSON Schema Internet-Draft 03 (November 22, 2010)

Regarding SMD:

Kris laid the SMD baton down in favor of HyperSchema (a component of Json Schema more suited to formal REST services) a few years ago and the spec draft had gone dormant.

Indeed the only visible implementation was dojox.rpc.Service (and related modules) which are an incomplete implementation of a less than formal draft.

Several months ago I publicly picked up the baton in the interest of reviving SMD and bringing some relevance in relation to the type of ‘REST’ like services that are so prevalent these days, RPC type services leveraging uri templating.

You can find the 2.6 spec in progress (temporary location) in the CIAPI documentation.

Keep in mind that we are still working out the kinks and finding the compromise between CI specific needs and enhancements that are useful across the board. At some point we need to informally submit the new draft to the Json Schema group for discussion.

Also, the later portions of the spec e.g. nested services is in it’s original state which seems to be more of a musing than anything else. It seems that this portion of the SMD 2.0 evolved into the json-interfaces spec. It will be useful to bring them into sync sometime soon.

The specs for above mentioned formats can be found @ http://json-schema.org/

Feedback or discussion regarding the evolution of SMD is highly encouraged but currently has no staging area.

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I’m currently only aware of the respective initial specifications:

An introductory post by the author Kris Zyp regarding both is available at Pluggable Web Services with SMD.

There doesn’t seem to be much more around, to quote rwilliams' related answer toJSON-RPC and Json-rpc service discovery specifications:

Every project I’ve found using this stuff links to the same specs that you’ve found. Folks are using it based on the draft specs, but not enough to really drive the development of good docs and examples.

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