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ApiMarketInformationDTO MarginFactor

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Hi there,

I'm noticing some differences between the MarginFactor property in the ApiMarketInformationDTO vs. what the web trading platform is displaying for margin, especially for JPY pairs (2% through api, 4% on the web) and GBP pairs (2% through api, 5% on the web).

I just want to make sure I'm not misreading something. Are those supposed to be same thing?



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Hi Garret,

Apologies for the confusion.

Many of our markets such as these popular GBP and JPY markets are setup tor Step Margin, which is banded depending upon position size. This means it is the StepMargin part of the ApiMarketInformationDTO that should be examined for the Margin information. The response looks similar to the screenshot below, which mirrors how it is shown on the Web platform.





Kind Regards, PM


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