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Hi, I've been using the lightstreamer (Java) to stream prices with a demo account for a while now, and noticed that occasionally it will stop receiving data.

The initial connection and subscription work, and the data comes in fine for a few hours, but after leaving in the middle of the day for ~3 hours the stream is usually not updating any more data. As far as I'm aware the connection is still good, because the lightstreamer client doesn't throw any connection lost/dropped signals. I can unsubscribe and resubscribe to immediately begin pulling in more data again, but it usually only lasts a few hours or so. Is this normal? 

I can upload some of the code if you think that would help, but I'm not sure where the problem in this case would be happening.

(Edit: I am using lightstream version 5.1.2 (Legacy) )

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Hi Jamman,

We recently upgraded Lightstreamer on the servers to the latest version 7.03. It's possible that since you are still using the older client that this is causing the timeout issue. Would be worthwhile upgrading your client to the latest version in any event from https://lightstreamer.com/download/.

Please test if upgrading to the latest LS client resolves the issue.

Kind Regards, PM


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