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Sessions and Session Timeouts

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Session Tokens:
1 - Specifically, how long to "sessions" last before timing out?
2 - Is there any way to know that or when a session has timed out?
3 - Is there any way to override the session timeout issue or to disable the idea of session timeouts?. 
4 - Is the LightStreamer constrained by the same issue?  If so, any potential interruption here, would be another liability.

I would like to login once and that's it. Heck, even the FxCom platform never "times out".

In an algorithmic environment created to run autonomously, (and perhaps even without a gui) the whole idea of a session timing out is unnecessary and even a liability.  What if I am monitoring every price tick and all of a sudden I want to take an action, but I can't because either the session has timed out OR I have to login first then continue with my action.  The issue being, the server processing times on your end are rather high (Ie 300-500ms to process a POST logon request) and by the time that goes by, then my entry could potentially slip by a few pips.  Currently I am simply re-logging in every 10 minutes or so, but still, seems very clumsy.

Can I have your thoughts, answers and recommendations.
As always, thanks.


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API sessions no longer time out automatically. Users have to log out to kill a session now. Additionally, there is an "Inactivity" account preference setting that enables you to have the system log you out automatically after a set period of inactivity.

This also applies to LightStreamer sessions. Your account can remain logged in 24/7 and receiving prices to subscribed markets 24/5 for as long as the markets are open. 

Kind Regards, PM


EDIT: I should note that there is a default value set for the inactivity time out, which I believe is 24 hours. This applies when you are logged out of your account. 

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