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  1. OrderStatusReason Code 67

    Hi Mike, You could try that. In most cases, markets are only set to indicative state for a short while. So you should be able to get back to trading via API in fairly short order. Kind Regards, PM
  2. OrderStatusReason Code 67

    Hi Mike, OrderStatusReason code 67 means: Supplied price is in an indicative state. This means the market you are attempting to trade has been placed into an "indicative" state at the time you were trying to trade. Markets that are "indicative" cannot be traded from our trading platforms or via API. This is why the trade request is being rejected with the 67 error code. The only way to trade "indicative" markets is to call into the dealing desk and deal by phone directly with a dealer. Code descriptions can all be found at: https://docs.labs.gaincapital.com/#APICodesList.htm%3FTocPath%3DGetting%20Started|Lookup%20Values|_____1 Kind Regards, PM
  3. get economic calendar data

    Hi Dave, Yes, we are using FX Street. Kind Regards, PM
  4. get economic calendar data

    Hello Dave, The economic calendar is provided by a 3rd party supplier and hence there is no access via our API to retrieve any of that data. Kind Regards, PM
  5. Hi Frank, Yes, you guessed correctly. Depending upon the market, we only keep tick history for a few days to about a week or so. Hence the API request you sent is giving you all the tick prices it has from the database, which in your example starts from Wed 14 April. Kind Regards, PM
  6. Hi, Done. Looks as though I forgot to approve it previously. Kind Regards, PM
  7. Hi Jflaggs, To find out what price history data is available in the price databases for the market(s) you are interested in, please contact client services who can liase with the appropriate team. Kind Regards, PM
  8. Hi Jflaggs, We only store historic price data for this market back to 2015. It's why you are unable to retrieve anything from before then. Kind Regards, PM
  9. Hi SN, I do not have access to check problems with historical price data as that is outside the remit of the API team. Please contact Client Services who can pass your report to the appropriate team for investigation. Kind Regards, PM
  10. price stream raise error

    Hi Dave, We don't usually deal with Lightstreamer queries except at the most basic of levels. You may have more success trying the Lightstreamer forums at https://forums.lightstreamer.com/. Kind Regards, PM
  11. Hi Jflaggs, The bug about the max number of historical requests is still in our backlog but is not currently a priority. This means it isn't scheduled to be addressed in this quarter as the business has specified other things as higher priority instead. There is nothing for the request about adding a flag to indicate whether a trade is "to open" or "to close" so that is not going to happen. Should you have a relationship manager at Gain, then it's worth speaking with them about it. Kind Regards, PM
  12. Hi JFlaggs, The example table you deduced is almost fully correct. Updated version below. Minute: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 Hour: 1, 2, 4, 8 Day: 1 Week: 1 Kind Regards, PM
  13. Historical Data out of bound error

    Hello SN, For queries about historical data values, please contact client services who can then pass it to the right team for investigation. Kind Regards, PM
  14. Hello ChaosRunner, The error code 160 means that market is not available to the account - in this case the commission accounts, but is available to your standard accounts. If it is EUR/USD you are interested in trading, we suggest performing a ListMarketSearch https://docs.labs.gaincapital.com/#How Do I/Find Market ID.htm%3FTocPath%3DHow%20Do%20I...%3F|_____1 using your commission account to find the EUR/USD MarketId that you can trade with that account. Kind Regards, PM
  15. Streaming Prices Issue.

    Hello Aniket, In this post: http://faq.labs.gaincapital.com/topic/2074-net-c-lightstreamer-demo/?tab=comments#comment-3898, another forum user has kindly posted an example with code of how to setup and use the streaming prices. Please subscribe to markets as an array in the manner they showed in the example. Kind Regards, PM