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  1. OrderStatusReason Code 67

    Thank you! I suppose the only action i can take is to do one "retry" if I get that error message...
  2. Hello, how can I avoid getting this error? Is this just something I need to run a "retry" on if I see it? Request: { "Direction":"Sell", "BidPrice":1.19999, "OfferPrice":1.21199, "Reference":"GCAPI", "AutoRollover":false, "MarketId":401501530, "Currency":null, "Quantity":18325, "PositionMethodId":1, "TradingAccountId":"FX159010", "isTrade":true } Response: Status 2 StatusReason 75 OrderId 0 Orders [{"OrderId"=>0, "StatusReason"=>67, "Status"=>10, "OrderTypeId"=>1, "Price"=>0.0, "Quantity"=>18325.0, "TriggerPrice"=>0.0, "CommissionCharge"=>0.0, "IfDone"=>[], "GuaranteedPremium"=>0.0, "OCO"=>nil, "AssociatedOrders"=>{"Stop"=>nil, "Limit"=>nil}, "Associated"=>false}] Quote Actions [] ErrorMessage