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  1. Thank you so much Physicsman!!! That solved it, i successfully placed a live trade with the Commission account Our problem was that we were hard-coding the market id (using the same as the Standard account), while the market id should be different between Standard and Commission accounts, as you suggested). Extremely grateful for your help, words cannot thank you enough for this reply - this ticket can be closed
  2. My brother and I are both receiving an error message (status reason 160) when trying to placing a trade with our Live Commission accounts. Below is the call and the response of the error. Note that we are able to successfully place an order using a Standard account. Time 03/17/21 01:00:22 PM Message Market Sell API Request Headers {:"Content-Type"=>"application/json", :Session=>"d2852be3-b4c3-4f2d-9947-cb3679ad314d", :UserName=>"d*************"} API Request Body {"Direction":"Sell","BidPrice":1.19021,"OfferPrice":1.19021,"Reference":"GCAPI","AutoRollover":false,"MarketId":401484347,"Currency":null,"Quantity":21004,"PositionMethodId":1,"TradingAccountId":"d*************","isTrade":true} API Response Status 2 StatusReason 75 OrderId 0 Orders [{"OrderId"=>0, "StatusReason"=>160, "Status"=>10, "OrderTypeId"=>1, "Price"=>0.0, "Quantity"=>21004.0, "TriggerPrice"=>0.0, "CommissionCharge"=>0.0, "IfDone"=>[], "GuaranteedPremium"=>0.0, "OCO"=>nil, "AssociatedOrders"=>{"Stop"=>nil, "Limit"=>nil}, "Associated"=>false}] Quote Actions [] ErrorMessage