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  1. Hi PM, Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate it. I am using a DMA account so that would explain why the attached limit order doesn't work. Best, CRB
  2. I was able to attach limit orders to new trades without any issues when using my demo account (so that my position is closed at a given price). However, when I tried to do the same thing in my Live account, the trade placement fails because the associated limit order fails with "StatusReason":71,"Status":10 . According to the error codes docs, reason 71 is "This Market does not allow limit orders". When I remove the limit order to my new trade post request, the trade is placed successfully. When I add it back, trade placement fails. I am using the STP Pro account for my live account so could it be that it doesn't support limit orders? Here is my New trade request (with sensitive info removed): { "MarketId": 400723798, "Direction": "buy", "Quantity": 100000, "BidPrice": 107.2129, "OfferPrice": 107.21293, "AuditId": "dGDHFKIE_FX_GDJU12378", "TradingAccountId": "12345678", "PositionMethodId": 1, "IfDone": [ { "Limit": { "OrderId": null, "Direction": "sell", "Applicability": "gtc", "ExpiryDateTimeUTC": null, "Quantity": 100000, "TriggerPrice": 107.21416, "IfDone": [], "OcoOrder": null } } ], "Reference": "GCAPI" } Am I missing something in my request or is there a limitation with my account type and the API? Thanks, CRB
  3. Hi @Chuck Have a look at this LightStreamer sample - GitHub - Lightstreamer/Lightstreamer-example-StockList-client-winrt: This project contains a demo client showing integration between Lightstreamer WinRT Client and the WinRT platform Although it was built for WinRT using the DontNet.Client library and you are using the DotNetStandard.Client library, the syntax / code structure of that sample is very similar to V4.0.0.0 of DotNetStandard library. So what you can reuse a lot of that code and change the using Lightstreamer.Dot.Client to using Lightstreamer.DotNetStandard.Client and you should have a good starting point. A lot of the connection and event handling starting code is in App.xaml.cs. Best, CRB