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Please refer to the screenshots in the attachment.


The result I got from my calculation (89.4715) is different from the result I got from the Margin Calculator (58.50).


Here is my cacluation

17894.3 (Buy price) * 0.005 (Margin Factor) * 1 (Quantity) = 89.4715


Am I missing something here?






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Your manual calculation is correct and I'm seeing similar results too. I've just raised a ticket with the relevant internal team to investigate and when I hear back from them I'll post here.


Kind Regards,


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It's just suddenly hit me what the answer to this is so we don't even have to wait for the BC team to complete their investigations. I've just done a rough calculation and it checks out.


The Wall Street market is in US dollars and the 89.4715 is margin required in USD. It looks like you have an account in British pound Sterling as the Margin calculator has performed a conversion back to Sterling.


You posted at 10:44 so I assume your screen shot is taken from around that time. At approx 10:45, the GBP/USD exchange rate was roughly 1.53.


89.4715/1.53 = 58.478. This would be exactly 58.50 if I used the exact value of the exchange rate and rounding factors.


You have to check for market currency and always convert back to your account base currency.

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