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pip movement

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Please refer to this DTO: ApiMarketInformationDTO



What is BetPer? Is it pip movement?


For example:


UK 100
The Price Stream shows that the price over a period has moved from 5678.5 to 5678.7 showing an increase of +0.2
If a user is long (betting up) @ £1/point - what does the point movement here represent? Tenths (£1 every 0.1 price movement) or units (£1 every 1.0 price movement?


If not, could you tell me where can I locate such information.



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Hello Vincent,


The BetPer property indicates the unit value of the underlying market upon which your trades (bets) are based.


Using the example you have given for the GB100: you can view the BetPer value for any market using one of our trading platforms by clicking the [i] icon to bring up the Market Information sheet. The value is 1 for GB100.


That means for a £1/point bet the GB100 index has to move 1 full index point for a gain/loss of £1. In your example, the index went up by 0.2 points so the gain is 20p (£0.2).


As another example, the BetPer for Spot Gold is 0.1. For a £1/point bet, the gold price only has to move by 0.1 for a £1 gain/loss. For example, if you were long £1 on gold at 1296.1 and it moved to 1296.2, that is a £1 gain.


Note: the Bid/Ask spread has been ignored in the preceding example.



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