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ClientAccountMargin stream - ClientAccountMarginDTO

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Regarding ClientAccountMargin stream:



It will push back "ClientAccountMarginDTO" when there is an update.



And "ClientAccountMarginDTO" have some properties I am not sure if they are duplicates or different data.


1. "Margin" and "TotalMarginRequirement"

-The data return by these two properties seem to be the same. If I want the information of the amount of cash held as deposit for all open positions, which one do I use?


2. "TradeableFunds" and "TradingResource"

-These two also seem to be the same.



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Hi Vincent,


1) Margin and TotalMarginRequirement values should now be the same for all users. There are two properties for legacy reasons. 


In the past, we used to offer credit lines and waived margin requirements to some users, and this is the case when the two values would differ. Since we no longer offer those facilities (except maybe professional clients?) the two values are the same. 


To be on the safe side, use the TotalMarginRequirement property.


2) The same reason explains why we have TradeableFunds (TF) and TradingResources (TR). For all users, TF = TR now. They only differed in the past when clients had waived margin. 


Again, use the TR property to be on the safe side. 

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