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GetPriceTickResponseDTO cuts out at 21:15 every day

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I use this call:

GetPriceTickResponseDTO ticks = rpcClient.PriceHistory.GetPriceTicks(marketID, “1000000”);

to get back the history for 99498 (Wall St) and have been using it successfully for many months – however the feed always cuts out at 21:15 every day for 15 minutes – many times never restarting.


I convert the data into a format I use within my application and get data that typically looks like this:

T,130221,211442,13890.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,211445,13891.00000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,211445,13891.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,211446,13892.00000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,211447,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,211449,13894.00000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,211449,13894.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,211451,13894.00000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,211451,13895.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,211456,13894.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,211458,13894.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213000,13893.00000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213000,13894.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213011,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213035,13893.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213035,13892.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213037,13893.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213039,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213118,13894.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213118,13894.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213159,13894.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213219,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213250,13893.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213253,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213301,13893.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213301,13893.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213315,13894.50000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213320,13895.50000000,0,99498,0 
T,130221,213322,13896.00000000,0,99498,0 T,130221,213323,13896.50000000,0,99498,0 

Is there an explanation for this odd behaviour?



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Guest andreif

This is due to a market break; all markets have periods when they are closed, probably for maintenance works. They don’t publish any prices in these periods.
You can get information about these breaks from API:

var info = client.Market.GetMarketInformation("99498");

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