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rob sinclair

How do I add a stop or limit order to a trade using CIAPI.Rpc.Client.TradesAndOrders.UpdateOrder?

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To attach a stop/limit to an existing order or trade, you need to call UpdateOrder() and populate the IfDone property. Create a ApiIfDoneDTO, with a ApiStopLimitOrderDTO for the stop/limit (this should have the current bid/offer and the trigger price for your intended stop/limit), then create an array of ApiIfDoneDTO[] with 1 element.

Well spotted, TradingAccountId should be an int.

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Guest andreif

I’m trying to do it like this:

  const int orderId = 472307456;
        var order = _client.TradesAndOrders.GetActiveStopLimitOrder(orderId.ToString()).ActiveStopLimitOrder;

        var request = new UpdateStopLimitOrderRequestDTO
            OrderId = orderId,
            TradingAccountId = (int)order.TradingAccountId,
            Direction = order.Direction,
            MarketId = order.MarketId,
            Quantity = order.Quantity,
            OfferPrice = order.TriggerPrice * 0.9M,
            TriggerPrice = order.TriggerPrice,
            BidPrice = order.TriggerPrice * 1.1M,
        var resp = _client.TradesAndOrders.UpdateOrder(request);

        var order2 = _client.TradesAndOrders.GetActiveStopLimitOrder(orderId.ToString()).ActiveStopLimitOrder;

UpdateOrder() returns status “OK”, but no stop/limit is created (order2 variable is the same as order). Anyone knows why?

PS ApiActiveStopLimitOrderDTO.TradingAccountId is decimal, probably it should be int instead

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