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Which types of orders are supported?

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Would you please tell me little about order types. I’d expect to see common orders such as Stop, Limit, IfThen and IfThenOCO but NewStopLimitOrderRequestDTO which is intended to place an order, has endless structure which supposes ability to place array of stops and limits and every of them may have similar array. Is that really supported by backend?

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At the moment there’s two request types, NewStopLimitOrderRequestDTO and NewTradeOrderRequestDTO. The first is used when placing an order, and the second is for placing a trade. Both have a list of IfDone orders which contain a number of stop/limit. An IfDone order is filled when the initial trade/order is triggered. Generally stops and limits are set in an OCO (One Cancels the Other) relationship, but it’s possible to construct a request which would contain stops and limits which are not in an OCO relationship.

There are limitations for an IfDone. For example, it should be on the same market and it’s quantity can not exceed the original trade/order stake.

It’s possible with the way the DTOs are laid out that you can construct a request which contains an array of IfDones which might each have orders on different markets, with their own OCOs, etc. But this strategy setup isn’t stored on our system, the responsibility is left for the client to construct and place complex trading strategies. We would reject such a request as invalid (because it doesn’t make sense for the system).

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