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jason ho

Why BuildListener on StreamingClientFactory does not return errors for unknown data?

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I would expect some exception thrown if it could not find the topic to subscribe to – else how do we check if the topic is the one we believe we want to be subscribing to e.g. GBP/USD for example…

 //First we need a valid session, obtained from the Rpc client
        var ctx = new CIAPI.Rpc.Client(RPC_URI);
        ctx.LogIn(USERNAME, PASSWORD);

        //Next we create a connection to the streaming api, using the authenticated session
        //You application should only ever have one of these            
        var streamingClient = StreamingClientFactory.CreateStreamingClient(STREAMING_URI, USERNAME, ctx.SessionId);

        var priceListener = streamingClient.BuildListener<PriceDTO>("PRICES.PRICE.{xyz}");

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