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order/openpositions returns invalid error

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Hi, I have a node.js program that does a GET method sent to "https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/openpositions?TradingAccountId=XXXXXXXX".  And keep getting the following error:

      HttpStatus: 401,
      ErrorMessage: 'Session is not valid',
      ErrorCode: 4011

I am using the same session acquired via https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/session, and it actually works fine with "barhistorybetween", which returns the history price data as expected.

I also open the streaming using the same session and subscribing stuff including CLIENTACCOUNTMARGIN, ORDERS, TRADEMARGIN, and multiple PRICE.xxxx's which also seem working fine.

So what is wrong with my openpositions query??  I attach the detailed error log from node.js/axios below.

Thank you for your help.

 response: {
    status: 401,
    statusText: 'Unauthorized',
    headers: {
      date: 'Mon, 31 Jan 2022 00:12:43 GMT',
      'content-type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
      'content-length': '73',
      connection: 'close',
      'cache-control': 'no-cache',
      pragma: 'no-cache',
      expires: '-1',
      'set-cookie': [Array],
      'x-aspnet-version': '4.0.30319',
      'x-powered-by': 'ASP.NET',
      'x-cache': 'CONFIG_NOCACHE',
      'x-azure-ref': '0ein3YQAAAAD6wVYdgh6yQbMdRSW7hw+JU0pDRURHRTA1MDgAOGJmMjA5ZmMtYzE2Mi00ZjhlLWE0NGUtNDRjNzg5NjcxNGQw',
      'cf-cache-status': 'DYNAMIC',
      'expect-ct': 'max-age=604800, report-uri="https://report-uri.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/beacon/expect-ct"',
      server: 'cloudflare',
      'cf-ray': '6d5ebae06b7370e3-SJC'
    config: {
      transitional: [Object],
      adapter: [Function: httpAdapter],
      transformRequest: [Array],
      transformResponse: [Array],
      timeout: 0,
      xsrfCookieName: 'XSRF-TOKEN',
      xsrfHeaderName: 'X-XSRF-TOKEN',
      maxContentLength: -1,
      maxBodyLength: -1,
      validateStatus: [Function: validateStatus],
      headers: [Object],
      method: 'get',
      url: 'https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/openpositions?TradingAccountId=XXXXXXXX',
      data: undefined
    request: <ref *1> ClientRequest {
      _events: [Object: null prototype],
      _eventsCount: 7,
      _maxListeners: undefined,
      outputData: [],
      outputSize: 0,
      writable: true,
      destroyed: false,
      _last: true,
      chunkedEncoding: false,
      shouldKeepAlive: false,
      _defaultKeepAlive: true,
      useChunkedEncodingByDefault: false,
      sendDate: false,
      _removedConnection: false,
      _removedContLen: false,
      _removedTE: false,
      _contentLength: 0,
      _hasBody: true,
      _trailer: '',
      finished: true,
      _headerSent: true,
      socket: [TLSSocket],
      _header: 'GET /TradingAPI/order/openpositions?TradingAccountId=XXXXXXXX HTTP/1.1\r\n' +
        'Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*\r\n' +
        'UserName: XXXXXXXX\r\n' +
        'User-Agent: axios/0.25.0\r\n' +
        'Host: ciapi.cityindex.com\r\n' +
        'Connection: close\r\n' +
      _keepAliveTimeout: 0,
      _onPendingData: [Function: noopPendingOutput],
      agent: [Agent],
      socketPath: undefined,
      method: 'GET',
      maxHeaderSize: undefined,
      insecureHTTPParser: undefined,
      path: '/TradingAPI/order/openpositions?TradingAccountId=XXXXXXXX',
      _ended: true,
      res: [IncomingMessage],
      aborted: false,
      timeoutCb: null,
      upgradeOrConnect: false,
      parser: null,
      maxHeadersCount: null,
      reusedSocket: false,
      host: 'ciapi.cityindex.com',
      protocol: 'https:',
      _redirectable: [Writable],
      [Symbol(kCapture)]: false,
      [Symbol(kNeedDrain)]: false,
      [Symbol(corked)]: 0,
      [Symbol(kOutHeaders)]: [Object: null prototype]
    data: {
      HttpStatus: 401,
      ErrorMessage: 'Session is not valid',
      ErrorCode: 4011
  isAxiosError: true,
  toJSON: [Function: toJSON]

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Hello Annadel,

As a quick check, are you using the TradingAccountId obtained by making a GetClientAndTradingAccount call? A quick way to check if that is the error cause is to send the ListOpenPositions call without the ?TradingAccountId={TradingAccountId} at the end. 

If it still doesn't work we'll have to investigate further.

Kind Regards, PM

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