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Hi All

Don't know if this is the proper place for this question, if not, possibly the admins could direct me to the correct venue.

The Forex.com desktop  comes with a seemingly wonderful program called Builder. It allows you to modify or create new indicators and strategies in Microsoft C#. It includes a compiler and limited 'Intellisense' similar to Visual Studio. Also included in the desktop is the C# sourcecode to all of the indicators and strategies that come with it. Wonderful. There's just one really big problem, there is no documentation of the DLL's used. Without documentation the whole thing is un-useable.  

There is an auto-generated .xml file for CITrader.Algo.dll. There is not one for CI.Common.dll. Despite what Microsoft sometimes says, there is not enough info in the xml file to actually allow you to write code.

Where is the documentation for CITrader.Algo.dll and CI.Common.dll and how can it be accessed?

Thanks Kevin

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Hi Kevin,

It looks as though you are enquiring about the downloadable desktop trading platform. 

You can access the documentation from the Help menu and then selecting Help. This opens the documentation within the platform. The programming reference is contained within the "All About AutoTrading" help book as shown in the screenshot below.

Kind Regards, PM


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Hi PM,

Thanks for the quick response. My problem seems to be with the desktop application. When I do as you suggest, I am taken to the Forex.com main page->Education tab->Tutorials. There are no options to do anything else.

Using the live chat feature I was told that the help that I wanted was only available for the MT4 platform and not the Forex.com platform. Looking at the screenshot you posted that seems to in error.

Is there a direct URL for the Help main page that you have shown?

Much thanks in advance, I realize that this isn't exactly your remit.


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