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Difference between "ListActiveOrders" and "ActiveStopLimitOrders" API Call?

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I have 3 open trades, with STOP / LIMIT Orders on each trade. I also have 11 PENDING Orders (to open trade at TRIGGER price in future). If I call "ActiveStopLimitOrders" API, I get total 17 results - (3x2+11). If I call "ListActiveOrders" I get NONE.

What's the difference between these two API Calls? In which situation I would see some results for the "ListActiveOrders" call?

*** I am a US Forex Trader.

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Hi Superee,

One note: ListActiveOrders is a HTTP POST call, whereas ListActiveStopLimitOrders is a HTTP GET call. Have you formatted and sent each call correctly?

Using my test account I was able to retrieve results correctly with the ListActiveOrders call. Should you still be having problems with that call, please cut and paste the full code of the call you are sending and the response you receive and we can look at it further.

Kind Regards, PM


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Yes, I was not submitting as POST - so that was the User Error. But no success yet either - following your example.

How are you passing the SessionId value to the POST request? I added session to the BODY, I get Session is not valid. However Session Id is valid - I checked "Session Validation"" and it was valid.

I tried without the SessionId in the body, just like your Attached Pic. I get the same error - Session Not Valid.


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Glad to hear you have figured it out already. For completeness, I submitted the Session and credentials in the Header, which will also work for you.

Kind Regards, PM

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