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Stop/Limit Entry with Attached OCO

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I am trying to place a stop or limit entry with an attached OCO and associate them. When the stop or limit order comes back, it is correctly showing the OCO, but when the order fills, the stop and limit OCO order that was attached to the stop or limit no longer has an "Associated" or "AssociatedOrders" object attached to it like other OCO orders that come back. Can I please get some guidance as to how to handle these orders and get the OCO to come back with  the filled position? 

We are currently placing a /order/newstoplimitorder with an IfDone order with the "Associated" property set to true. 

Again, they come back fine associated, but once the order fills, the stop and limit no longer have an associated object with it. 

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Hi Rware,

To clarify your question so there is no misunderstanding.

Is your question asking about: 

A) Placing an Entry Order #1 and Entry Order #2 that are linked as OCOs? Should Entry Order #1 be filled then Entry Order #2 is automatically cancelled and vice versa.

B) Placing an Entry Order with attached stop loss and take profit limit orders? If the entry order is filled and becomes a new position, then stop loss and take profit limit orders are added to the new open position.

Since you mentioned Associated orders, you are a US client? Thanks for the clarifications. 

Kind Regards, PM


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