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Was trying to get the CITYINDEXSTREAMINGDEFAULTPRICES Adaptor group working. But there is some issue with this Adaptor.

I get the below error.

Listening Started!
Status Alert:  CONNECTING


Checked LightStreamer Server Error Code 2. It says 

  • 2 - requested Adapter Set not available

Can you please check whats wrong with this adaptor.

We are using https://push.cityindex.com host with CITYINDEXSTREAMINGDEFAULTPRICES as the LS Client Adaptor.

also passing Username and SessionID on safer side. I know Authentication is required for this but even after removing sessionID, username and SessionID+Username nothing seems to work.

Please have someone look into this issue.



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But i want the DefaultPrices stream so that i can use it on a public website. 




Stream of default prices for the specified account operator. This stream does not require authentication, so can be used on a public website. NB: this stream returns prices for a group of markets, so check the MarketId & Name field when displaying.


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Hi Aniket,

The DefaultPrices stream and adapter have been deprecated and no longer function. The API documentation is scheduled for updating at a later date, when the DefaultPrices page will be removed so it no longer provides obsolete information.

Kind Regards, PM

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