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Discrepancy on MarginRequired amount from API call and WebTrader

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I am trying to get Margin Required amount for GBP/JPY, 20000 Quantity. I call POST on this URL


The Request JSON is



The Response JSON is:-

    "Status": 1,
    "StatusReason": 1,
    "SimulatedCash": 49991.82,
    "ActualCash": 49991.82,
    "SimulatedTotalMarginRequirement": 2648.42,
    "ActualTotalMarginRequirement": 1280.36,
    "CurrencyId": 11,
    "Orders": [
            "StatusReason": 1,
            "Status": 3


From the documentation, if I am not wrong, "SimulatedTotalMarginRequirement": 2648.42, is the REQUIRED MARGIN Amount. I am using my DEMO account.

However if I try to place a NEW TRADE ORDER from the WebTrader website, using the same DEMO account I get required margin amount = 1369.10. Screenshot attached.

Why the margin requirement amount is not SAME from WebTrader and API call? 



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