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What MarketTagId NZD/CAD pair is under?

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I am trying to get List of ApiMarketDTO for all 28 Major+Minor Forex Pairs. I am searching/calling "market/searchwithtags?TagId=" MarketTagId 80 to 89, 155,156, 147 etc. I get about 200 some pairs, but NZD/CAD is not one of them.

I find that NZD/CAD has no MarketTagId that it falls under. Only way to get NZD/CAD marketid is calling "Market/Search?searchByMarketCode=TRUE&query=NZD%2FCAD&

I do not understand all these MarketTagId segmentation, as a trader I need the list of all pairs. Anyway, Which MarketTagId will give me "NZD/CAD" pair when calling "market/searchwithtags"?

Thank you.


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I've checked NZD/USD and it hasn't been assigned to any market tag, hence explaining why you could not find it in any tag, You'll have to continue using the searchByMarketCode call to find this market.

On your 2nd point, the market tags segment the FX markets into groups such as: FX-Major, EUR-Crosses, GBP-Crosses, EM-Asia etc. 

Kind Regards, PM


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