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Keep getting invalid request for historical data

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I can get latest tick data when I don't supply from_ts or to_ts. But when I supply either timestamps I keep getting 'invalid request'. I'm testing my code in demo account. I also tried multiplying new_ts with 1000 to get milliseconds but still got the same result. I need help here as I can't do anything without historical data.


resp = client.client.get_market_info('AUD/USD')
market_id = resp['Markets'][0]['MarketId']
bid_resp = client.client.get_prices(market_id=market_id, num_ticks=2,price_type='bid')
for bid in bid_resp['PriceTicks']:
    bid_ts = re.findall('\((.+)\)',bid['TickDate'])[0]
    print('received ts:',bid_ts)
    new_ts = convert_date(convert_date(bid_ts) - datetime.timedelta(hours=1))
    print('new ts:', new_ts)
    new_bid_resp = client.client.get_prices(market_id=market_id,num_ticks=2,to_ts=int(new_ts),price_type='bid')



received ts: 1608328799510
new ts: 1608325199
{'Message': 'The request is invalid.'}
received ts: 1608328799761
new ts: 1608325199
{'Message': 'The request is invalid.'}

Process finished with exit code 0

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I presume you are using the GetPriceTicksBetweenDates call? 

What are the "From" and "To" dates you are using? Depending upon market, we only store about 1-2 days worth of tick data on a rolling basis. If your dates are outside the data we have available, it would explain the invalid request error messages.

Kind Regards, PM


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