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How to get PIP value for Market

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I assume you mean the PIP value that is shown on the trade ticket on our trading platforms? It is calculated using various fields pulled from the API using a MarketInformation call.

PIP Value = (Quantity * (TrailingStopConversionFactor || 1) * fxConversion) / QuantityConversionFactor

Kind Regards, PM

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Hello Physicsman,


Thank you for fast replay.

I need more information about terms used in calculation that from which API I can get 

1) fxConversion

Thank You.


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Hi Suchin,

fxConversion is the FX rate to convert from the market currency to your account currency. 

As an example, if your account is in US dollars, and you are trading EUR/GBP, then the market currency is GBP. You will need to use the current fx rate for GBP/USD to convert from GBP to your base account currency of USD. The PIP value you see will then be in USD.

Kind Regards, PM 

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