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Session Token Expiration

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For session tokens that are being used to pull data from the REST API only and nothing else, is there a length of time that these stay "active"? I'm going to assume somewhere around 15-20 days before having to generate a new one. I've been using the same sessionID for an indicator that I built and then noticed that it stopped working last week 9/28 when my program stopped writing my data to the database. Took me a few moments to realize it was the session token since there were no code changes last week. I generated a new sessionID, swapped them out in my code, and it started working as before.



-Tom G-

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Hi Tom,

As mentioned previously, a Session is theoretically valid until a logout DeleteSession call is made. 

There is a database process that clears the oldest sessions that have been inactive for greater than a certain period of time, once we reach a threshold in the number of active sessions. Cannot predict or say when this will trigger since it is dependent upon those variables. 

I would suggest adding a login/logout to your processes so that you have a fresh session each time.

Kind Regards, PM

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