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Hi there,

I have been trading for more than a year in both my Live and Demo Accounts simultaneously through the API. 

Suddenly, the connection with the Demo was denied in both the API and the platform, although the connection to my Live account works perfectly in both API and Platform. 

I reported the problem to Forex, and they created a new demo account form me.

The problem is that I can't connect with the new Demo account,  neither through the API nor through the platform. 

I was referred to this site to post my question

What should I do here?    

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Hi Mario,

Since you said you could not login with the new demo account with any of our trading platforms, that would indicate more a problem with the demo account than with the API. Did you perhaps enter the password incorrectly more than 3 times and accidentally lock your account?

As a first troubleshooting step we should check if the problem is with the account being locked due to incorrect password being entered. Please contact client services to check that your demo account is fully operational and not locked. Then once it is certain the acocunt is fine, please try logging in using our web trading platform. You may want to use the "Forgotten Password" link in the login page to reset your password to ensure that you are entering the correct password in your login attempt.

Once you can login with your demo platform via the web trading platform then you should be able to login via the API with the same credentials. 

Kind Regards, PM

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Well, in my case I can log in to the WebTrading using DEMO username/password, however cannot authenticate through API

POST url = 

I get this result:-


    "ErrorMessage""Sorry, your login has failed|This is because your login credentials do not match our records.",

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Hi Superee,

Since you are using a DEMO account, please send me a PM with your account credentials and I can investigate further on that account.

Kind Regards, PM

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