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Using light Streamer in WPF application with C#

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We want to connect to lightstreamer server to get live market rate.
our application is in Visual Studio .Net with C#.
for this we followed below process.
1. Call to api of gain capital with user id and password to get Session ID which is used as password in lightstreamer.
2. Added Lightstreamer client from Nuget - added below things from it.
    1. Lightstreamer.dotnetstandard.client - latest version 5.0.5
    2. Lightstreamer.dotnetstandard.Adapters - latest version 1.12.1

So using this it is shows status DISCONNECTED.

We also tried to make things according to demo provided on Lighstreamer Website link - https://demos.lightstreamer.com/?p=lightstreamer&t=client&sclientmicrosoft=dotnet

So any one can suggest how to use lightstreamer in .Net with proper step from connection to show updated value in Data Grid in Windows / WPF Application.





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