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Sudhir Tambe

New Limit order creation giving error status 15

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Hi Team,

I am trying to place limit order, and the api is giving 'Status': 4, 'StatusReason': 15 in response, and limit order is not getting executed.

I am able to place trade/market order though.

Below are request rseponse details. Please suggest how to place new limit order, if below approach is not correct.

url: https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI/order/newstoplimitorder


{'isTrade': False, 'OcoOrder': None, 'Applicability': 'GTC', 'Direction': 'sell', 'MarketId': 401203113, 'BidPrice': 0.6572907, 'OfferPrice': 0.6705693, 'Quantity': 1000, 'Reference': None, 'QuoteId': None, 'AuditId': '', 'AutoRollover': False, 'TradingAccountId': 402855859, 'TriggerPrice': None, 'PositionMethodId': 1, 'IfDone': []}


{'sym': 'AUDCHF', 'transType': 'sell', 'rate': 0.66393, 'qty': 1000, 'resp': {'Status': 4, 'StatusReason': 15, 'OrderId': 0, 'Orders': [], 'Quote': None, 'Actions': [], 'ErrorMessage': None}}

Note: I am based in Europe.

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Hi Sudhir,

I want to clarify whether you are trying to place an entry order to open a new position should the market reach a certain price, or whether you are trying to attach a take profit limit order to an existing open position?

The call you are using is to place an entry order to open a new position if the market should reach a certain price (the Trigger Price). However, in you request you have left the Trigger Price as "None". The Trigger Price is a required parameter for this call.

As a note, for optional parameters that you wish to leave blank, you should send "null" and not "none". The example body for an entry order request would look something like the snippet below.



Kind Regards, PM

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