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List of Currency IDs

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Hello u1035,

The table of currency codes is pasted below.

Kind Regards, PM


CurrencyId ISOCurrency Description
1 AUD Australian Dollar
2 CAD Canadian Dollar
3 CHF Swiss Franc
4 EUR Currency of EMU member states
6 GBP British Pound
7 HKD Hong Kong Dollar
8 JPY Japanese Yen
9 SEK Swedish Krona
10 SGD Singapore Dollar
11 USD American Dollar
12 ZAR South African Rand
14 DKK Danish Krone
15 IDR Indonesian Rupiah
16 KRW Korean Won
17 MXN Mexican Peso
18 MYR Malaysian Ringgit
19 NOK Norwegian Kroner
20 NZD New Zealand Dollar
21 THB Thai Bhat
22 TWD Taiwanese Dollar
23 INR Indian Rupee
24 PLN Polish Zloty
31 TRY Turkish Lira
32 CZK Czech Kroner
33 HUF Hungarian Forint
34 SKK Slovakian Kroner
36 CNH Chinese Yuan
37 AED Emirati Dirham
38 BRL Brazilian Real
39 ILS Israeli Shekel
40 RON Romanian Leu
41 RUB Russian Ruble
42 SAR Saudi Riyal
43 XAU Gold
44 XAG Silver
45 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
46 BTC Bitcoin
47 ETH Ethereum
48 BCH Bitcoin Cash
49 LTC Litecoin
50 XRP Ripple

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There is no list of MarketIDs as that changes depending upon which brand you are papered under. Additionally, market IDs change for markets that expire such as those based on Futures or Options.

Therefore the best thing to do is follow the directions at: http://docs.labs.gaincapital.com/#How Do I/Find Market ID.htm%3FTocPath%3DHow%20Do%20I...%3F|_____1 to find the MarketId for the market you are interested in trading.

Kind Regards, PM

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