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License not valid for this Client version

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I set up Lightstreamer's QuickStart and it worked fine.  I then made the changes needed to connect to push.cityindex.com, including getting a session ID from https://ciapi.cityindex.com/TradingAPI. .


I get a client listener onServerError with errorCode = 60 errorMessage = “License not valid for this Client version”.


The explanation from LightStreamer is "That message means that the client in use is newer than the license installed on the server.
To use that client with that server, assuming them are compatible, you need to change the server license."  I am using c# using Dotnet Standard Client version 5.0.5.  So, appears to be a licensing problem between Gain Capital Labs and Lightstreamer.  Another user posted at http://faq.labs.gaincapital.com/topic/2039-lightstreamer/?tab=comments#comment-3692 suggest using V 4.0.0.  Unfortunately, Lightstreamer documentation is not helpful because they have upgraded all their sample code to v 5.0.5.  Can you provide some sample c# code to start a price stream under 4.0.0?





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