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I am a USA customer with an account through forex.com

I am developing using .net c#.

I'm doing fine with the REST API but I can't connect to  the Gain Capital Lightstream server.  I was able to connect to the Lightstream demo push server.  However, when I try to connect to https://push.cityindex.com I get no response.  Not an error; it just ignores me.  The client remains in a disconnected state.  Elsewhere on this forum, it was suggested that this might be due to using the wrong client software for the version of the server being run by Gain Capital.  The Lightstreamer documentation site, under ".net" describes the Dotnet Standard Client version 5.0.5 which is what I was trying to use. 

The NuGet package manager has 7 versions of Lightstreamer.DotnetStandard.Client available from 4.0.0 to 5.0.5.  It also has Dotnet Client available in 4 versions from 3.0.0 to 3.1.6640.22649. The differences in  these versions are not trivial.  Going from Standard 4.* to 5.* even has different using statements.   Before I spend time getting even more frustrated trying different clients, would you please tell me what version of the server you are using and what version of which client package I should be using?  Perhaps you could provide a c# sample, not a whole working application, but at least the usings, and the minimum statements to establish a connection and start a stream of prices for a couple currency pairs?  I can get the session ID from REST API.  Please?

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