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Please can you supply an example URI to test the Lightstreamer API.

For now i am trying to test my authorization to see if i can connect with the below:


The UserName and SessionToken are paramenters which are linked to a prior step to obtain the session Token.

I have tried variations to the above URI and am not having much luck.

I have attached a screen shot of the error i am getting.

Please can you advise.

Many Thanks


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Directions on how to use Lightstreamer with our API:

To receive streaming prices from the API, a few pre-requisites must be filled:

  1. An account on the Live environment.
  1. A client UI that can perform the login by creating a session (POST a Session) on the trading API address of the Live environment for the account.

https://ciapi.cityindex.com/tradingapi/ (Live).


  1. The client UI must then subscribe to Lightstreamer so that it can receive the live prices. Note: subscribing to the real-time data streams requires authentication information to subscribe.

    The credentials are your account user name and the password is the Session ID received when logging into the REST part of the API.

https://push.cityindex.com/ (Live).


Kind Regards, PM

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Hi Physics Man

Thank you for the Information.

You have explained the 'What' needs to happen, But i am after the 'How'

I can find documentation that explains how to use the https://ciapi.cityindex.com/tradingapi/ (Live) API.

But i can't find any Documentation on how to use the https://push.cityindex.com/ (Live). API.

Are you able to point me in the write direction?

Here is an example of what i mean: - 

I have attached below instructions explaining how to get a session token.  This works fine.

But i cant find any information like that on how to use the Light-stream API.

I Have downloaded the Light-streamer Client, and cant find any further information on how to connect it all up.

Please can you advise....


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As Lightsteamer is a third party product, we are relying on their documentation. You can find it at: https://lightstreamer.com/doc

A good place to start is with their General Concepts document and then in the Client Development section, find the relevant file for the programming language you are using.

The only things you need to change in the documentation are the URL path (push.cityindex.com), your account credentials, and the Stream adapter targets you subscribe to. The adapters/streams are documented in the Streams section of our documentation.



Kind Regards, PM

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