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No markets returned on live account

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Using market search, I am able to get a list of markets using my demo account but when I switch to live account, I get a response with 200 OK and an empty list.  At first I thought that maybe my live account wasn't activated for API trading but I am able to log into the API using my live account and make calls to other services.  Could there be an issue with my live account not set up correctly?  Thanks.


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Hi Keller,

Let's try 2 things to investigate.

1) Please login with your Live account using our browser based Web Trader platform and perform the same search you are doing with the API. DOes this return any results? Since all our trading platforms use the API, we can attempt to eliminate whether this is an account/API problem with this step.

In the meantime:

2) Please send me the header/body of the Search request call you are making for with your Live and Demo accounts. I can check the syntax/formatting to make sure that everything is correct to see if the problem is in the search call.

Many thanks, PM 

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