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Distance at placing an order

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I am trading on UK web plattform on the market EUR/USD.

If I want to place an order, it seems the trigger price of my order must be 0.8 pip higher thant the actual Buy/Offer/Ask price or 0.8 pip lower, than the actual Sell/Bid price.
(The actual spread between sell and buy is 1.7 pip)

Attached an image about it.
It did not report an error if I entered 1.12956, but error is at 1.12957. It means miniumum of 0.8 pip must be below sell price to be able to place a sell order.

Is it true ?

And if yes, why ?

Why I can not place an order with trigger price very near to the Buy or Sell price, i.e. in 0.2 pip distance ?


Trade Example.jpg

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Yes, if you make an API MarketInformation call, once of the returned fields is "MinDistance". This shows the minimum distance from the current buy/sell price where you can place an order.

Kind Regards, PM

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