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WebTrade plattform seems to calculate false

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I made more trades by web trade surface and on one trade I have seen that it calculated a wrong profit.

Attached the list of my trades and I marked with black bars, which I mean, a 2000 PCS sell of EUR/USD.

The trade ID739357257 was bought at 1,13713 and sold by ID 739357258 at 1,13613

The differende is: 0,001 = 10 Pip

The PIP value of 1000 PCS EUR/USD is 0,09€

So the value of this trade is 0,09 * 2 * 10= 1,8€

But the system shows only 1,75€ profit.

Why ?

Can it be, that your system does not calculate right, or what causes this difference ?



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