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Is it possible to initialise a lightstreamer stream to get current info about, which positions are open at a market, I placed open positions (trades)  ?

I mean, the same info, which can be get by a GET http call of:

I would need about 2 times in a second an info about my open positions, to be able to detect, if one or more are executed.
Or how can I get easyest way actual information about, if an open position was executed ?

Is it possible to get a message if a position was executed, instead, asking every second by http GET ?


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It sounds as though you are trying to replicate the functionality of the Open Positions panel from our trading platforms in your own application.

The normal usage pattern is then:

  1. Subscribe to the Orders stream.
  2. Call ListOpenPositions to initially populate your Open Positions grid.
  3. Upon receving an update to your open positions from the Order stream, call GetOpenPosition to update your Open Positions grid with the latest updates.

Kind Regards, PM

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