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Session is valid but still getting 4011

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I have been trying to post to "order/newstoplimitorder" but getting error 4011 

{'HttpStatus': 401, 'ErrorMessage': 'Session is not valid', 'ErrorCode': 4011}

The json that i'm trying to post looks like this:

	"OrderId": 0,
	"MarketId": 401484392,
	"MarketName": "GBP/USD",
	"AutoRollover": false,
	"isTrade": false,
	"Direction": "Buy",
	"Quantity": 10.0,
	"BidPrice": 1.31441,
	"OfferPrice": 1.3146,
	"AuditId": null,
	"TradingAccountId": <my trading account id>,
	"PositionMethodId": 1,
	"Applicability": "GTC",
	"Guaranteed": false,
	"TriggerPrice": 1.314,
	"UserName": "<my username>",
	"Session": "f4835c33-220f-4309-940d-cd4175ee6265"

I post that with headers:

{'Content-type': 'application/json', 'Accept': 'text/plain'}


I have verified that my session is valid by posting to "session/validate" 

{'IsAuthenticated': True}

What am I missing?


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Hi Buzz,

Every request to the API must carry 2 pieces of authentication (username and session) in the request header, not in the request body. This is the likely reason why the server is complaining that the session is not valid, as it is not getting that piece of information in the request header.

Kind Regards, PM 

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