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StatusCode 401 Unauthorized New Trade

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When placing new trades, I keep getting the 401 Unauthorized error.

I can authenticate and I have confirmed marketId and marketName.

What is wrong with this body that I am passing?

{ IfDone = [], Type = null, Applicability = null, ExpiryDateTimeUTC = null, OcoOrder = null, Direction = BUY, isTrade = True, TriggerPrice = null, AuditId = null, Currency = null, MarketName = EUR/USD, BidPrice = 1.09417, ExpiryDateTimeUTCDate = null, PositionMethodId = 1, LastChangedDateTimeUTCDate = null, AutoRollover = False, Status = , MarketId = 401484347, OfferPrice = 1.09431, LastChangedDateTimeUTC = null, OrderId = 0, Quantity = 1000, QuoteId = null, TradingAccountId = xxxxxxx}

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Are you sending your User Name and Session token in the header of your calls? They are required as authentication in all calls made to the API. 

The HTTP 401 code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials.

Kind Regards, PM 

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