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How to get volume in Price History

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I am working with price history APIs for technical analysis. I am able to pull ohlc (Open High Low and Close) but I need volume too. Is there any other API,  or how to we get that data.


Thank you,


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On 20/08/2019 at 12:24 PM, Physicsman said:

Hi Shilpa,

Sadly, we do not provide or store any volume data for our markets so it is not possible to request this through our API. 

Kind Regards, PM

Dear Staffs,


Is there any plan for providing trading volume from the API service?


When I check the trading platforms from forex.com, the 'web trading' is not providing volume data but the meta trader has the volume data.

It seems there are trading volume data in FOREX.COM DB and retrieves it to meta-trader.

So, I would like to ask for any future plan for providing trading volume data from the API service.


Thank you for time and considerations.

Best regards,

Jay Park

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Hi Jay,

Metatrader is on a completely separate infrastructure to the Web Trader and associated trading platforms system. It is not possible to feed in any MetaTrader data to the Web Trader system.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans at this time to add volume to the API service. I'm sorry it is not better news.

Kind Regards, PM

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